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The Gambling Commission (UKGC) has committed to focusing on data and analytics under its new 2024-27 corporate strategy.

Titled “Gambling regulation in a digital age”, the new three-year strategy sees the regulator underline its commitment to implementing April 2023’s Gambling Act review white paper.

Alongside its core regulatory work, the UKGC has also announced five new strategic initiatives.

These include using data and analytics to enhance gambling regulation, improving core operational functions, and regulating a successful National Lottery.

The regulator also committed itself to setting clear, evidence-based requirements for licensees and being proactive to address issues at the earliest opportunity.

UKGC CEO Andrew Rhodes said: “I am proud of how far the Commission has come in the last few years.

“We’ve tackled some of the critical issues facing operators and consumers, but the next cycle will involve delivering on some of the key decisions that we and government have taken.”

New data strategy

The UKGC has committed to investing in tools, technology and skills within the previously announced data innovation hub to enhance its capabilities in this area.

Greater automation of systems and processes will be a goal of the programme. The regulator said this will work to minimise regulatory burdens and direct increased resources to frontline activities.

Improving the Commission’s understanding of the UK’s gambling market and consumer behaviour will also be part of this push.

The organisation aims to use data science to improve its early identification of issues with licensees and update its understanding of industry compliance.

Rhodes added: “Our objective is to be the authoritative voice on evidence and data, to tackle misinformation, delve into the facts, and help bring about improved outcomes for the public.

“Our Gambling Survey for Great Britain is one example of how we aim to embrace new data and intelligence.”

UKGC to focus on National Lottery

The Gambling Commission added that another of its strategic priorities will be ensuring the Allwyn-operated National Lottery is a success.

Allwyn took over the operation of the lottery on 1 February this year, marking the first time a new licensee has taken over from a previous holder.

Previously, Camelot operated the lottery since its inception in 1994.

Litigation led by Camelot challenging the UKGC tender process proved unsuccessful, while Allwyn eventually opted to acquire the business from its former owner, the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan Board.

The newly awarded licence has proved controversial in recent months, with criticisms centring on a projected revenue fall post-handover, and alleged connections with Russian banks.

In its strategy document, the Gambling Commission said it would assess the success of the new licensing arrangements.

This will be measured through a range of indicators, including the amount of money raised for good causes and the proportion of plans announced by Allwyn during the tender process which have been implemented.

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