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The Danish Gambling Authority (DGA) has secured a court order to block 83 websites accused of offering illegal gambling in Denmark.

The figure marks a significant increase in the country’s efforts to clamp down on unlicensed online gambling and breaks the previous annual record from 2022, when 82 websites were blocked.

The court victory on 15 February is part of a broader initiative by the DGA, which has been actively pursuing illegal gambling platforms since 2012, following the partial liberalisation of Denmark’s gambling market.

The latest batch of blocked websites pushes the total number of sites shut down by the authority to 359.

The DGA’s strategy involves continuous monitoring of the gambling market to identify illegal operations, utilising automated search tools and tip-offs from consumers.

The DGA initially contacts website operators to cease their unlicensed services. Failure to comply then leads to legal action, usually in the form of a request to the district court to mandate Danish internet service providers (ISPs) to block access to the domains.

Most of the blocked websites were found to offer conventional casino games, including roulette, slot machines, and poker, in addition to betting services.

Notably, eight of the sites in breach engaged in skin betting  – a practice where bets are placed using virtual items from computer games such as in-game currencies or prizes.

Danish Gambling Authority director Anders Dorph (pictured) said: “We have intensified our work to shut down the illegal sites, so that we now get them blocked twice a year instead of once as previously.

“In this way, we can get hold of even more sites and minimise the period when Danish players are exposed to games that are offered illegally in Denmark.

“Children and young people in particular are a vulnerable group. For instance, many of the illegal websites have very lenient requirements for age verification.

“Some of the sites also offer games that particularly appeal to children and young people, such as skin betting,” he added.

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