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Overall gambling spend fell by 6.9% year-on-year in Denmark in April, according to figures from the Danish Gambling Authority (DGA).

The DGA reported an overall decrease in gross gaming revenue (GGR) across the four main industry verticals: sports betting, online casinos, gaming machines, and land-based casinos.

Total GGR across these categories in April 2024 totalled €79.7m, compared to €85.7m in the same month last year.

Despite the general downtrend, the online casino segment bucked the trend with a 6% increase in consumer spending.

Sports betting down, online casinos up

Detailed statistics reveal a mixed bag for gambling spend in Denmark.

Sports betting took the hardest hit, sliding from from €33.2m to €26.2m in GGR, representing a decrease of 20.9% compared to last April.

This segment experienced significant fluctuations, where GGR plummeted from €24.7m in September 2023 to just €6.8m in October 2023. This number sharply rebounded to €31.2m in November 2023.

Nonetheless, in the year between April 2023 and April 2024, sports betting generated €312.1m in GGR, representing 31.1% revenue across the four main categories analysed by the DGA.

Online casinos emerged as the strongest performer, with revenues climbing from €34.5m to €36.7m, representing a 6% increase in GGR.

The segment also contributed €467.1m or 46.5% of the year’s total GGR.

Online slots were the most commonly played game type in the online casino segment (76.4%), followed by roulette (6.7%), and blackjack (6.5%).

Land-based gaming machines saw a decline of 7.3% in GGR, falling from €13.9m to €12.9m in April 2024. The total GGR across the year stood at €170.6m or 17% across the various segments.

Land-based casinos experienced a minor decrease, with revenues slightly down from €4.3m to €4.1m.

From April 2023 to April 2024, land-based casinos generated €53.9m in GGR, representing 5.4% of total GGR across the four segments.

The total Danish market, encompassing betting, horse racing, gaming machines, land-based casinos, lotteries, and online casinos, saw growth over the past decade. The GGR rose from €1bn in 2012 to €1.37bn in 2023.

Although the GGR generated per Dane has risen in absolute terms over several years, when adjusted for inflation the figures show a recent drop in GGR per person in fixed price terms.

Between 2022 and 2023, the adjusted GGR generated per Dane fell from €297 to €289.

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