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iGaming operators are perpetually on the lookout for strategies to distinguish themselves and attract more first-time depositors. A notable approach gaining traction is offering no-wagering bonuses, a tactic that not only appeals to players but also promises significant growth for casinos.

On top of providing players with a no-wagering bonus, it’s pivotal for online casinos to let players know that the offer is available. We sat down with Christoffer Ødegården, the head of casino at the popular UK affiliate Bojoko, who shares insights on how no-wagering bonuses are reshaping the landscape for online casinos – especially in the competitive UK market.

NEXT: How significant is the impact of no-wagering bonuses on attracting first-time depositors?

CØ: It’s quite substantial. Bojoko has a page specifically set up to allow players to compare no-wagering casino offers, and what we see is that casinos listed on this page enjoy an average increase of 10-15 FTDs per month. That number increases the better the offer is as well. 

This indicates that such bonuses are attractive and highly effective in drawing in new players. By eliminating the playthrough requirements often associated with casino bonuses, players are more inclined to sign up, deposit, and play, knowing they can withdraw their winnings without the hassle of meeting often stringent wagering conditions.

NEXT: What does the search volume in the UK look like for terms related to no-wagering offers?

CØ: It’s not surprising that bonus-related search volumes are quite high. For example, one of the most popular terms is “free spins no wagering”. According to Ahrefs, this example alone sees 3,700 searches monthly and a traffic potential of 3,000. 

A significant number of players are actively looking for these deals, highlighting a strong demand in the UK market. 

NEXT: How about the competition around the no-wagering bonuses? Is that also high?

CØ: While the search volumes for no-wagering bonuses are high and show a clear demand for this type of bonus, many casinos haven’t yet capitalised on this trend. This results in very low competition for these players.

The low competition is a clear signal for casinos to act. Our platform, Bojoko, has seen increased interest from both players and operators in no-wagering offers. It’s a win-win. Players get a fair deal, and casinos enjoy a boost in FTDs and player retention.

Furthermore, offering no-wagering bonuses can show a casino’s commitment to a straightforward gaming experience. This approach resonates well with players who are becoming increasingly savvy and selective about where they choose to spend their money.

NEXT: Why should operators prefer no-wager bonuses over the highly sought-after no-deposit bonuses?

CØ: No-deposit bonuses are indeed in higher demand due to their immediate appeal to players seeking risk-free opportunities. However, no-wagering bonuses present a more sustainable value proposition for players and operators in the long term. 

No-wagering bonuses transparently offer real value, allowing players to keep what they win without navigating through complex wagering requirements. This fosters a greater sense of trust and loyalty towards the casino, encouraging players to continue engaging beyond their initial interaction.

Beyond retention, casinos should also consider risk, reward, and sustainability. Of course, you can offer both no-deposit and no-wagering bonuses, but if you are choosing between the two, players drawn to no-wagering bonuses will make a deposit, while the hit-and-run rate for no-deposit offers is high.

NEXT: How can operators ensure that their no-wagering bonuses reach the maximum visibility?

CØ: Operators can approach this goal in multiple ways, with some solutions more effective than others.

Firstly, SEO is vital. Given the search volume we’ve seen, especially in the UK, there’s a clear demand. While it is very difficult for individual operators to rank for these terms, they simply need to work with affiliates, such as ourselves, to get top exposure. They can also use a paid search strategy to be featured in Google’s search results and incorporate it in any kind of ads they might be running.

Additionally, incorporating these offers into their email marketing campaigns will alert existing customers to these attractive bonuses. It’s about being where the players are and presenting them with the offers they’re searching for. 

NEXT: Is there anything more operators could do to boost visibility beyond featuring no-wagering bonuses on affiliate sites?

CØ: Absolutely. There are many ways to amplify visibility and engagement, from offering bonuses with higher percentages than the norm to incorporating niche payment methods. Any operator we are working with can reach out to us at any time and see what additional FTD potential they have if they tweak their offering.

One effective strategy I’d like to highlight is partnering with affiliates to offer exclusive bonuses that players can only claim through those affiliates’ platforms. This creates a sense of exclusivity and urgency, encouraging players to take action. Players are often drawn to tailored and limited offers, enhancing the perceived value of the bonus. Speaking for ourselves, exclusive bonuses also incentivise us to push a brand more heavily, as it is more intriguing to our readers and will likely attract more FTDs across our platform.

However, in terms of actual competition, there are few things with more potential than no-wagering bonuses. This will, of course, change as more casinos join in, but it would need to be a major market shake-up before the competition becomes so high that there’s no longer a significant reward for the operators that incorporate no-wagering bonuses into their strategy.

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