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Brazil has issued new technical regulations and requirements for gambling operators looking to launch in its upcoming regulated market.

The Brazilian Ministry of Finance’s Prizes and Bets Secretariat (SPA) published Ordinance SPA/MF No. 722 in the country’s official gazette yesterday (6 May).

The ordinance details technical and security requirements for betting systems and online gambling platforms ahead of the legal market’s launch.

The ministry highlighted that all prospective online gaming operators will need to follow the new rules as a condition of their licence.

Included in the regulations is a requirement for operators to maintain their betting systems and data centres within Brazilian territory.

The SPA said that in exceptional circumstances, the data centres can be outside the country, albeit only if certain conditions are met.

These conditions include that the data centres must be in countries that have an International Legal Cooperation Agreement with Brazil and as such are compliant with the country’s 2018 General Data Protection Law.

Operators are also expected to grant full access to their platforms and systems to SPA inspectors on request to ensure compliance.

Further, all licensed operators must use the “bet.br” domain address for their gambling sites.

Additionally, gambling businesses will be expected to produce an evaluation report on their technical compliance with the regulations within 90 days of the SPA publishing its “act of authorisation”.

The SPA also requires operator betting systems to be accredited by a certified third party.

Four step gambling regulatory programme

The publication of the technical regulations is part of the Ministry of Finance’s four-step phased process to establish the upcoming gambling market’s regulatory framework.

The next promised stage of the process will be a new set of ordinances issued by the SPA relating to anti-money laundering and licensing procedures for live dealer studios.

The third set of regulations, due in June, will pertain to monitoring and sanctioning procedures for gaming operators.

The process will conclude in July, with a final set of rules relating to responsible gaming practices and the transparency of the funds due for social causes.

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