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The competition is constantly increasing in the UK casino market, with players spoilt for choice. Brits are in a prime position to look for added value and incentives to joining an online casino, and welcome bonuses are not always enough. Cashback is one of the main strategies for customer retention, but what exactly is the impact of cashback offers on online casinos and their players? 

To explore this topic, we turn to Christoffer Ødegården, the head of casino at Bojoko, a leading online casino comparison platform. With decades of experience in the industry, he is considered one of the top experts on British online gambling. In this interview, he will clarify the significance of offering cashback and how its role in the affiliate landscape is often ignored by operators.

NEXT: How significant is cashback as a promotional tool in the online casino space?

CØ: Cashback has emerged as a potent tool in the arsenal of online casinos. It provides players with a tangible incentive to continue playing, even in the face of losses. From our observations at Bojoko, casinos that offer cashback often experience higher player retention rates and increased engagement levels. It’s essentially a way for operators to demonstrate their commitment to player satisfaction and loyalty.

Players actively look for casinos with cashback offers, and seeing it advertised, even if just on banners as they enter the casino, is a plus. It even affects affiliate marketing to a notable degree. Brits come to websites like Bojoko to compare casino brands, and we see that cashback is a frequent consideration. By adding cashback, you are not just adding a compelling selling point, you also make yourself eligible to be listed on cashback-specific pages, both on Bojoko and with many of our competitors.

NEXT: How common is it for UK casinos to offer cashback?

CØ: Surprisingly, it’s not particularly common for UK casinos to include cashback as a running promotion. Despite its proven benefits in player retention and satisfaction, cashback remains a relatively niche offering among UK operators. Bojoko’s overview reflects this scarcity, with just over 10 casinos on the platform featuring cashback offers. This is out of hundreds of UKGC-licensed online casinos reviewed by our experts.

This limited presence underscores the untapped potential of cashback in the UK market and highlights an area where operators could differentiate themselves and increase their appeal to discerning British players.

NEXT: Bojoko serves as a platform where players can compare various online casinos. You mentioned previously that you see that cashback has an effect. How exactly do you see cashback offers influencing player decisions when browsing through different casino options?

CØ: At Bojoko, we’ve observed a clear trend among players actively seeking out casinos with cashback offers. As I mentioned previously, we have a page specifically highlighting all casinos with cashback deals that we have reviewed, and we can track the activity here. Additionally, players can filter any of our other lists based on their personal checklist, including cashback. 

NEXT: Should all online casinos consider incorporating cashback offers into their promotional strategies?

CØ: While cashback isn’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all solution, it certainly merits consideration for most online casinos. It adds an extra layer of value for players, especially those who prioritise longevity and sustainability in their gaming experience. 

However, the key lies in tailoring the cashback model to align with the casino’s target audience and overall business objectives. What works for one operator may not necessarily yield the same results for another.

It is worth noting that there are different kinds of cashback offers and that if you choose to implement cashback, you have a lot of choices. You can set the cashback percentage, the maximum amount, the period which is counted, and choose whether the cashback should come in the form of cash or as a bonus. This diversity of cashback offers gives casinos a lot of leeway to see what works for them.

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