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Betting handle for Kambi’s tribal operator partners in North America grew by 128% between 2022 and 2023, according to the supplier’s latest Tribal Sports Betting Report.

Kambi provides both retail and online sports betting services to several tribal operators across the US and Canada, boasting a presence in Ontario, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington, Arizona, Michigan and multiple other jurisdictions.

“Tribes have shown time and time again they know what it takes to launch successful casinos and sports betting should be no different,” said Kambi VP of sales David Bretnitz.

“Whether it is retail, online, or both, Kambi is committed to delivering the right experiences to attract US bettors and more importantly provide our tribal partners with the resources necessary to retain them long-term.”

Volume growth

Growth in betting handle and the number of bets placed was seen across various different market segments. 

For example in land-based betting, the handle wagered on March Madness 2023 was up by 159% compared to 2022, with the number of bets placed also increasing by 63%.

In the NBA Playoffs, meanwhile, the number of bets shot up by 145%, while handle almost doubled with 99% growth year-on-year.

Last year’s Super Bowl saw 112% growth in handle compared to 2022, as the number of bets placed on the event jumped 84%.

Kambi also provided insights into the growing popularity of same-game parlay (SGP) bets in the US.

For example, across both online and retail tribal operations, 10% of American football bets were SGPs, compared to 5% of basketball bets, 4% of both ice hockey and baseball bets, and 3% of soccer bets.

Most popular sports

When breaking down the data into individual sports across both online and retail operations, basketball emerged as the single sport attracting the largest volume of betting handle.

The sport accounted for 44% of all handle in 2023, compared to 27% of all bets placed.

Next was American football, which attracted a larger proportion of bets at 34%, but a smaller percentage of handle at 19%.

Baseball accounted for around 20% of all bets placed and 18% of handle from Kambi’s tribal partners in 2023, while soccer and ice hockey each accounted for 3% of handle, from 5% and 6% of the total bets, respectively.

The remaining 13% of handle and 8% of bets were placed on other sports.

Reinvested winnings

Kambi also measured the extent to which winning bettors “reinvested” their winnings with tribal operators by placing further bets on the same day as a win.

The research found that around half (48% in retail and 62% online) of winning bettors placed another bet within just 10 minutes of receiving a win.

Within the first hour, 79% of winning online customers and 59% of winning retail customers had placed at least one additional bet.

Within 24 hours of winning, the vast majority of online players, at 94%, had placed a further bet, while 77% of retail customers did the same.

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