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Betsson has launched online sports betting in Italy by adding sportsbook functionality to its localised StarCasinò brand.

The new sportsbook will go live under the refreshed StarCasinò Bet moniker via an extension to its existing casino product in the country.

StarCasinò was previously a pure gaming brand, despite having struck up a successful commercial partnership with Serie A giants AC Milan.

The new integration will see StarCasino transform into a full suite, multi-vertical gambling provider for online consumers in the Italian market.

Football will be central to the sportsbook offering, but other sports will also be made available. Betsson said the new odds will be among the most competitive in the market.

Stefano Tino, Betsson MD for Italy, said: “I am really proud to announce the launch of StarCasinò Bet, our new sportsbook, with which we intend to provide the best gaming experience and the best odds, strengthened by what we have achieved over the years.

“StarCasinò Bet is the novelty that comes from a stable and reliable brand in StarCasinò. The results we recorded in the last period demonstrate our ability to engage customers with quality products, on a safe 360-degree entertainment platform.

“We are confident that through StarCasinò Bet, we will delight our customer base and sport fans even more,” he added.

In Q2 2022, Betsson revealed that Italy reported an all-time high in revenue, deposits, turnover and active customers for the reporting period.

The Italian growth came despite an overall 39.1% decline in Q2 revenue from Western Europe to €24.8m, down from €40.8m in the same period of last year.

iGaming NEXT has contacted Betsson to understand how StarCasino Bet is different to its previous StarCasino.Sports offering.

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