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Baricata is a game provider, founded by its CEO, Shiraishi Kensei who is based in Malta. In most cases, Baricata is considered innovative, since it is not just a company which only creates games, but it combines its games at the same time as an industrial precentor.

However, you might think it is the same with the live casino game, yet it is not. Baricata’s style is unique since the precentors are not typical dealers, nor show-hosts, but you will see ladies and gentlemen in more casual situations on your devices. It is like a combination of social media services and casino games.

Mr. Shiraishi announced that he will team up with Casimaru.com, the popular media among online casino users, to enhance the awareness of his company, Baricata. Casimaru has been in a strong position since its establishment and is expected to boost Baricata’s business.

The Baricata CEO thinks that it is a perfect opportunity to expose the product in the media since the content of Casimaru is beginner-friendly, and entertains experienced players.

Capturing both types of players simultaneously is difficult, so being a partner with the media would help the penetration of the service of Baricata.

The collaboration between those companies will be long-term and expected to implement various approaches, such as exclusive content generation and special campaigns involving multiple partners.

Casimaru is known for its highly engaging content for its audience, so this type of exclusiveness will be the new key feature of the media and entertain its audience at the next level.

Baricata’s comment: “Baricata revolutionizes RNG gaming by blending streamer-driven excitement with interactive live-streaming social media, offering a customizable and unique market experience.”

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