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Partnering with iGaming Academy has enabled Soft2Bet to train its teams at scale and strengthen its commitment to regulatory compliance and excellence.

As an iGaming operator and supplier that works across a multitude of jurisdictions, Soft2Bet’s scale, reach and size (with more than 1,000 employees across four main sites) meant finding training solutions that answer multiple and varied needs was paramount. 

Whether the training focused on compliance, responsible gambling, anti-money laundering or sporting integrity, the need for a centrally-located, comprehensive and scalable training solution that can be applied to all its teams led Soft2Bet to partner with iGaming Academy.

First project quickly expanded

The collaboration at first focused on compliance training for Soft2Bet’s operational teams, but quickly evolved into a company-wide approach. The ability of both Soft2Bet and iGaming Academy to quickly gauge the scale of the requirement has enabled the effective rollout of training to a vast international workforce.

Elisabeth Isaksson, head of regulatory and compliance at Soft2Bet, says: “iGaming Academy’s training platform and courses not only facilitate multi-jurisdictional training whilst reducing repetitive learning, it also offers seamless support for policy uploads and additional training materials.

“This presents a significant advantage for a large, international and growing company, centralising all training materials in one accessible location to enhance employees’ learning experience and streamline the auditing process.”

Soft2Bet’s partnership with iGaming Academy is an example of its commitment to staff training at every level and of harnessing scale and reach by creating a centralised hub for compliance and regulatory matters.

Rebeka Mizzi, commercial director of iGaming Academy, added: “It’s a pleasure to work with such a renowned and exciting company. Soft2Bet’s commitment to staff development and training is visible in the way they’re utilising our platform to create a centralised knowledge hub for their entire business.

“This goes beyond our industry courses with more and more teams adding their policies and training onto the system, giving their staff the support they need on an ongoing basis. With the system supporting their team leads to track learning analytics and identify knowledge gaps, it’s a testament to how they have not only partnered with us to conform with their compliance requirements, but to truly understand their staff and equip them with the knowledge to excel at their jobs and take the company to the next level.”

iGaming Academy’s Plug-in Solution

The partnership has also been strengthened by Soft2Bet’s use of iGaming Academy’s new AML and RG Plug-in Solution. This has enabled it to adapt, localise and tailor its training to “multiple jurisdictional requirements and having the option to complement the training with supporting policies through their Policy Hub,” adds Isaksson, “this has proven to be immensely effective for our organisation”.

By leveraging iGaming Academy’s comprehensive training solutions, Soft2Bet is reaping the benefits of a scalable, centralised and efficient platform that has empowered it to navigate the complexities of multi-jurisdictional training.

About Soft2Bet

Soft2Bet, a casino and sportsbook operator and platform provider, offers an extensive iGaming product suite for operators in regulated markets. Its unique proprietary gamification engine enhances player engagement in both casino and sportsbook sectors. Today, Soft2Bet has developed and ​​deployed many iGaming brands and is a holder of 10+ remote gambling licences.

About iGaming Academy

iGaming Academy is an award-winning global training provider, specialising in compliance and job skills training for online and land-based gaming, casino, and sportsbook businesses. They have an impressive suite of over 80+ courses across both online eLearning, or live Instructor-led sessions. Annually, they train over 60,000 people, in over 50 countries and 100+ companies with training covering 20+ major regulated markets.

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