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ShieldHub strives to promote ethical advertising practices, contributing to a secure digital ecosystem. Through innovative solutions, it advocates for responsible advertising for a safer online experience.

ShieldHub is a digital advertising marketplace that takes a proactive approach to safeguarding vulnerable populations from harmful advertising content. It actively works to eliminate misleading advertisements from its platform while ensuring the integrity of advertisers’ data.

The company originated from a discussion panel at ICEVOX 2022 where the importance of tackling the cookie-less future and prioritizing 1st party data targeting was emphasized.

During that time, the discrepancy between iGaming and the digital advertising industry was highlighted, with a predominant focus on SEO and affiliate marketing, overlooking other media channels like display and programmatic that significantly contribute to brand building. However, this perspective has since evolved.

London acts as a central hub for innovation and digital marketing, hosting the majority of AdTech companies and advertising agencies. Meeting with both iGaming companies and digital marketing pioneers in London offers numerous advantages.

Conversations surrounding the transition to a “cookie-less” future prompted many in the media industry to seek or develop innovative solutions to address the absence of traditional cookies.

Contrary to initial concerns regarding negative impacts on marketing performance, this shift motivated MarTech companies to expedite the development of alternatives utilizing 1st party data, thereby revolutionizing marketing targeting capabilities.

Building on this technological advancement, ShieldHub was established on September 6th, 2023. While headquartered in Malta, it also maintains offices in France and the UK.

Comprising four partners with extensive experience across the global media landscape, including marketing technology, publishing, agency, and advertiser sectors, ShieldHub identified a significant gap in user protection, especially within regulated industries such as iGaming.

In recent months, ShieldHub has strengthened its collaboration with IBJR, CONAR, and UOL in Brazil and initiated relationships in Greece directly with regulators.

ShieldHub’s standout feature lies in its GDPR-compliant privacy integration capability, which utilizes PII encryption alongside various data owners. This capability enables ShieldHub to restrict specific individuals from receiving ads while ensuring data privacy and security.

For example, in iGaming, ShieldHub can restrict or control advertising for self-excluded individuals, those excluded by operators, and those identified as being at risk.

In the pharmaceutical sector, it can customize advertising while adhering to FDA regulations regarding messaging between healthcare practitioners and patients.

Additionally, in alcoholic beverages, it can segment and exclude consumers who are underage to ensure compliance.

Although ShieldHub’s specialization lies in serving regulated industries such as iGaming, pharmaceuticals, banking, and alcoholic beverages, its solution is adaptable to meet the marketing objectives of any industry, focusing on enhancing efficiency and precise audience targeting.

It provides various advertising formats including Connect TV, video, static and rich banners, live odds, all deployable across any device, covering the full consumer journey across their network, which generates over 1 billion impressions daily worldwide.

In short, ShieldHub can fulfil marketing objectives and offer consumer safety based on 1st party data simultaneously.

Exploring potential partnerships with AI solutions capable of identifying gamers at risk based on their behavior, ShieldHub aims to facilitate operators or regulators in limiting advertising frequency based on addiction risk assessment.

ShieldHub has actively engaged in discussions on the overlap between advertising and responsible gaming at ICEVOX 2024, with plans to extend these conversations to NEXT: Valletta and other events.

About ShieldHub

ShieldHub, established in 2023, is a digital advertising marketplace prioritizing responsible practices and consumer protection.

Headquartered in Malta with global reach, our GDPR-compliant platform empowers advertisers while safeguarding consumer data.

Our team drives industry advancement, fostering transparency and ethical standards in digital advertising.

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