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As part of its 25th anniversary, leading global sports media platform LiveScore has today launched Evolution of Fan, a report reflecting on the past 25 years of football fandom within the ever-changing landscape of technological advancements.

Showcasing data from nearly 25,000 football fans, LiveScore’s new report reveals the shifts in the way fans interact with, and consume the sport, in tandem with technological innovation.

Over the past 25 years, LiveScore has evolved into one of the world’s leading real-time sports updates and streaming service providers, with 50 million monthly users. Founded in 1998, the brand is marking its 25th anniversary by publishing Evolution of Fan, which contains industry-leading commentary and forecasts what the future may hold for the industry.

The Evolution of Fan report explores how technology has enabled fans to feel more connected to the teams, players and goals which matter most to them over the last 25 years, the impact of social media and sentiment towards the fragmentation of content with the increased number of broadcasters and streaming service providers.

The report covers a timeframe from the emergence of the internet through to today’s world of real-time data, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. The ever-changing tapestry of fan culture, the matchday experience and iconic moments are documented alongside technological innovations which have defined the trends which have emerged over the last quarter-century.

The extensive data and insights show that the vast majority of fans (92%) engage with football news and content at least daily, while the same number believe the technology allowing them to keep up to date with football news and results in real-time has had a positive impact on their experience.

This technology, which encompasses real-time updates and access to historical match data and statistics, has enriched the understanding and appreciation of the game for 84% of fans, with the same number feeling more connected to their favourite teams since the emergence of instant score updates.

Sam Sadi, CEO of LiveScore Group said: “Thanks to LiveScore’s loyal users, we have been able to uncover some fascinating insights of how fans have enjoyed their favourite sport over the last quarter-century, and how technology has guided habits, accessibility and passion.

“The Evolution of Fan report is not only a nostalgic and future-facing read for fans in equal measure but also offers insights to advertisers, brands and industry peers on how they can leverage the fan experience to reach and connect with a huge audience of engaged football fans.”

LiveScore is a pioneering force in the fan match experience, shaping and defining how fans engage with the beautiful game, tracing their journey from the simplicity of Teletext updates to the cutting-edge era of instant updates and accessibility. Data and news from leagues around the world are accessible instantly for fans globally, keeping them updated and informed through their devices.

As well as casting an eye over the 25-year journey which has led football fans to the digital age of real-time updates and immersive experiences, the Evolution of Fan report also looks ahead to the next generation of fandom; from a new era of broadcast rights re-bundled into direct-to-consumer platforms, a highly personalised fan experience and virtual reality revolutionising the in-stadium experience, and artificial intelligence dynamically curating football content based on individuals’ data.

LiveScore’s Evolution of Fan report, containing all insights, data and iconic moments, can be read in full here: https://livescoregroup.com/research-and-insights/evolution-of-fan/

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