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Atlaslive, the dynamic iGaming platform, continues to explore how far iGaming tech can evolve and has recently announced a partnership with Smartico, a leading gamification and loyalty solutions provider.

Maxim Slobodyanyuk, CEO of Atlaslive, said, “Our collaboration with Smartico shows our dedication to providing operators with the most personalized, effective, and high-quality solutions to boost their iGaming business expansion.

“We want to give our clients top-notch value by offering an adaptable, automated iGaming platform. This platform lets them tailor content and services from numerous leading suppliers to superpower their business and keep their brand unique. Bringing Smartico into the mix is another move toward expanding our range of innovative and top-quality services.”

This strategic collaboration is a turning point for Atlaslive’s partners, enabling them to integrate Smartico’s advanced CRM system with personalized marketing and gamification tools. This means operators can now offer a gaming experience that perfectly matches the individual preferences of regular and new users. In combination with big data, which Atlaslive Platform actively uses to see and analyze what excites players, operators can now create special offers and rewards that users want to try.

Gamification features from Smartico help make games more enjoyable, captivating players, and making them return to gain new experiences. In such a way, operators can expect to see improvements in key metrics like player engagement rates, average session lengths, customer acquisition costs, and retention rates.

Yuval Mechoullam, co-founder & chief business development at Smartico, shared his enthusiasm for collaboration, “We’re excited to work with such a dynamic and innovative company as Atlaslive. They are open to constant enhancements, as well as we are, to introduce fresh, groundbreaking features that will finally bring exceptional experiences for iGaming end users.

“This partnership is mutually beneficial for Smartico and Atlaslive, as both of us are passionate about the software we create. We aim to consistently lead the market by offering the most sophisticated products and services.”

Being recognized as the best Sportsbook provider, Atlaslive creates live connections between operators and top-tier technologies such as Smartico’s. Atlaslive solutions with major important components are tailored to meet the most sophisticated requirements of the iGaming market.

Smartico now serves as an additional enhancement to this broad suite. The effectiveness of gamification tools is monitored through direct customer feedback and analytical data, with some projects employing these techniques seeing a significant 30% increase in engagement and conversion rates.

Atlaslive’s platform is designed in-house, to simplify and enhance operational efficiency. It features automated processes and cutting-edge tools that improve task management and reduce the need for manual intervention. The system copes with peak loads easily, maintaining a 99.9% uptime. When everything runs smoothly, you can focus on growing your business.

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