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The iGaming industry is considered to be one of the fastest growing spheres. Operators use advanced technologies and set trends for the whole IT community.

The anti-fraud tools project created by PIN-UP.TECH team is a testimony to it. This unique product has a specific approach that combines traditional mechanics and machine learning to ensure high accuracy in fraud prevention.

PIN-UP.TECH, which is one of the directions of the PIN-UP Global ecosystem, develops software for the iGaming industry, as well as provides infrastructure support to the companies of the ecosystem.

Thus, one of the latest developments was anti-fraud tools, which completely transforms the approach in the fight against fraud in the online gambling market.

According to Vladimir Todurov, chief analytics officer, the team managed to develop a product that meets all the requirements of the time and industry trends, incorporating advanced technologies to achieve high efficiency and reliability.

In addition to standard linear scoring policies, it actively uses neural networks and machine learning to improve the quality of risk assessment. Now, thanks to the investigations module, in just a few clicks it will be possible to assess the links between any objects in the system, be it players, partners, payment methods, promo codes, IP addresses and much more.

Anti-fraud tools allow reducing decision-making time. You no longer need to export various tables and analyze data manually to understand the scope of a fraud case, just 5-7 clicks to visualize all connections in the system.

In addition, a lot of attention is paid to working with data. The PIN-UP.TECH development team created a module of customized dashboards, so that there is no need to use external BI tools, but to be able to set up a convenient configuration within the platform and monitor the target metrics.

It is worth noting that such development also helps to increase the confidence of players in gambling platforms. During scoring, you can detect not only potential fraudsters, but also loyal players, VIP-clients.

Thus, by segmenting customers, literally from one click on the site, good player will receive better service – high limits and bonuses, faster KYC checking and instant payouts.

Vladimir Todurov also does not rule out the possibility of the product going beyond the ecosystem: “The PIN-UP.TECH team plans to initially cover the needs of PIN-UP Global, as the specific nature of the department is to support all areas of operational activities – from payment systems to affiliate program.

“After understanding that the tool fully satisfies the internal customer, we will enter the external market as well. I believe we are capable of building a competitive product, and our end-to-end expertise in iGaming allows us to speak the same language with potential B2B customers.

In fact, Anti-fraud tools consolidate all anti-fraud and risk management tools into a single platform. Step by step we are adding new scenarios in both B2C and B2B interactions within the ecosystem. This is a powerful tool that ensures all stakeholders can be confident that a strong system protects key aspects of business operations from fraud.”

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