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The French gambling regulator has noted “substantial progress” being made in the responsible gaming efforts of licensed operators.

France’s Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ) requires all operators in the regulated market to submit yearly RG and underage gambling action plans for approval.

The regulator today (9 April) highlighted increased operator efforts to prevent excessive gambling throughout 2023.

These efforts included an increase in standards for both identifying and supporting problem gamblers.

An improvement in detection has allowed for more problem gamblers to be identified and supported with more a individualised approach, the ANJ said.

Despite the progress, the regulator said problem gambling still accounts for too large a share of the overall market.

The regulator highlighted its 2024-26 strategic plan, which includes new initiatives to combat gambling harm.

In 2024 for example, operators will be required to take additional steps to identify numbers of problem gambling that are consistent with their player base and prevalence studies.

Operators required to take additional action in 2024

Operators will also be asked to demonstrate measurable results that can be verified through control studies.  

Going forward, the ANJ said operators must detect and intervene as early as possible, adapting strategies to the level of risk in each case.

Cases involving 18- to 24-year-olds and VIP clients warrant additional attention, the ANJ warned.

Operators will also be required to complete a risk assessment before offering promotions, as well as take ad hoc measures to reduce risks in this area.

For the monopoly operations of both FDJ and PMU, the regulator ordered them to propose a new robust system for identifying problem gamblers at the point of sale.  

The regulator has also instructed the monopolies to strengthen controls to ensure they are complying with the ban on sales to underage consumers.

The ANJ further warned that the upcoming UEFA Euro 2024 and Paris Olympics could lead to an increased risk of problem gambling.

As such, the regulator asked operators to be vigilant in preventing harmful gambling, especially for consumers aged 18-24.

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