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With the continued expansion of the North American iGaming market, the importance of geolocation compliance cannot be emphasised enough.

Ensuring that players are within authorised jurisdictions is not only a legal requirement but also a crucial aspect of maintaining integrity within iGaming apps and websites, and perhaps most critically ensuring that gaming taxes are applied to the correct jurisdictions.

Geolocation compliance comes with a series of challenges, which has given rise to a demand for greater technical and commercial innovation.

We have seen over the last two years a rise in the competitors to the established encumbers, such as GeoComply, from the likes of Xpoint, Radar, LocationPoint and of course, ourselves with GeoLocs.

Mkodo’s geolocation verification service, GeoLocs, offers operators a solution that is not only commercially competitive but also boasts rapid integration times (in under 5 days), a proven track record over 12 years, and with no restrictive exclusivity clauses.

GeoLocs understands that geolocation is a must-have, not a luxury, so it’s critical that our product offers the best possible ROI, quick integration, minimal fuss, good pricing whilst guaranteeing compliance.

Lightning-fast SDK integration

One of the primary pain points for iGaming operators is the time-consuming and complex process of integrating geolocation services into their platforms.

GeoLocs sets itself apart through its seamless, developer-friendly SDK integration, allowing for implementation in under 5 days, allowing operators to launch quickly without disrupting ongoing operations, all while ensuring guaranteed regulatory compliance.

The efficiency of GeoLocs’ integration process is a significant advantage for operators looking to stay ahead of the curve in the highly competitive iGaming market.

Time is money, and the faster a platform can go live with geolocation capabilities, the sooner it can start generating revenue and providing a secure gaming environment for users.

We eat our own dog food

At GeoLocs, our approach to product development is hands-on; we practice what we preach by using our own tools.

Embracing the “eat your own dog food” philosophy, our teams benefit from the same seamless and developer-friendly SDK provided to clients.

We effectively distance our app and web developer teams, from the GeoLocs engineers, creating a subtle line, where we treat our own colleagues as customers.

As developers at mkodo and GeoLocs refine our products, they’re not merely creating tools for clients; they’re building tools they trust and use internally.

This perspective ensures our products are not only functional but also optimised for clients and in real-world scenarios.

Our “eat your own dog food” approach ensures GeoLocs is more than a geolocation solution; it’s a proven and trusted asset for both developers and operators.

We live by its effectiveness, demonstrating commitment to innovation, reliability, and efficiency, something we’re fairly certain can’t be said of the alternative geolocation providers on the market.

Over 12 years of trust

In an industry where trust is crucial, GeoLocs has positioned itself as a reliable partner with a track record spanning over 12 years.

The geolocation solution has earned the trust of major players in the iGaming industry, including being the first geolocation service live in Ontario with the largest operator in the region.

This extensive experience not only highlights the effectiveness of GeoLocs’ technology but also underscores its commitment to excellence.

No exclusivity clauses

Our industry is fast-paced and adaptive with commercial and regulatory changes, often coming with little notice or time to respond. The commercial terms when working with partners should reflect this agility.

This is why GeoLocs imposes no restrictive policies in our contracts and we firmly believe that the foundation of a successful, long-term relationship should be based on supplying a quality, competitive product.

Innovation, pricing, and regulation

Innovation is at the core of GeoLocs’ philosophy. We’re continually updating the technology to ensure compliance with the latest regulations, providing operators with a dynamic solution that adapts to the evolving landscape of iGaming.

This includes operating a mobile-first approach, eliminating the need for unnecessary downloads for players, and enhancing the user experience across iOS, Android, and desktop devices.

The GeoLocs Portal also offers operators convenience and control. With the user-friendly self-service portal, operators can easily manage and customise settings, conduct User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for geoallow areas before going live, ensure regulatory compliance, and utilise robust reporting controls for enhanced analytics and insights.

In terms of pricing, GeoLocs’ speed to market is crucial for its cost-effectiveness. With an implementation timeline of under 5 days, operators can minimise downtime and maximise revenue generation.

Offering operators a comprehensive solution without compromising functionality, GeoLocs feature-rich solution also contributes to its cost-effectiveness.

In a market where pricing, innovation, and regulatory compliance are critical, GeoLocs is strategically positioned as a cost-effective solution, not just in terms of a competitive pricing model but through comprehensive features and speed to market. This approach caters to financial efficiency, ultimately bolstering overall ROI.

Sights set for North America

The North American market holds immense potential for iGaming, and GeoLocs has strategically positioned itself to capitalise on this opportunity.

With the successful launch of our 12th client in under 12 months and being one of the largest providers in the Ontario market, GeoLocs is making significant strides in establishing a foothold in the North American iGaming landscape.

Alternative solutions: A win-win for operators

It’s important to discuss the benefits associated with increased competition in the geolocation market.

The availability of alternative solutions ensures that operators have the freedom to choose the service that best aligns with their specific needs and strategic goals.

Healthy competition also drives innovation and raises the overall standard of geolocation services in the iGaming industry.

Operators can expect better service quality, competitive pricing, and heightened responsiveness to industry standards.

This motivates geolocation service providers, including GeoLocs, to continuously enhance their offerings, ensuring operators receive not only a tailored solution but also one that’s adaptable to evolving iGaming regulations, ensuring security and compliance.

Choice and competition also encourage a customer-focused approach, pushing providers to deliver exceptional value and customised solutions, ultimately enhancing the overall operational efficiency of iGaming platforms.

GeoLocs not only presents itself as an alternative geolocation verification service but also introduces a new standard for efficiency and reliability.

When it comes to geolocation in iGaming, innovation, efficiency, and reliability are essential. As the industry continues to evolve and open up, operators must carefully weigh their options and choose partners that not only meet their immediate needs but also position them for future success.

GeoLocs is a strong alternative to industry players like GeoComply, Xpoint, and Radar, offering operators a quick, compliant, flexible, and cost-effective solution.

With a proven track record, a mobile-first approach, and a product that is used by our own in-house development teams, GeoLocs not only presents itself as an alternative geolocation verification service but also introduces a new standard for efficiency and reliability for geolocation compliance in iGaming.

For over 12 years, GeoLocs has specialised in delivering cutting-edge geolocation technology exclusively to the regulated iGaming sector. The geolocation service offers a competitive alternative ensuring cost-effectiveness, lightning-fast integration, and guaranteed compliance.

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