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Baricata is a game provider, based in Malta. The innovative company not only creates games, but combines its titles with streamers who help take them to market.  They launched during Q4 2023 and have partnered with leading world brands such as WPT Global.

This time, Baricata announced it is teaming up with Raketech for its strategic applied AI casino dealer project. Raketech is also a Malta-based company which focuses on the affiliate business in the online gaming industry. They have various high performing products by delivering quality content with their expertise.

In this AI casino dealer project, Baricata will introduce a virtual gaming casino dealer powered by artificial intelligence. This approach has never been observed in the industry and potentially can be a game changer for the coming trend. For the first project, the AI casino dealer project will facilitate roulette and interact with the players via its chat function. Furthermore, it is planned to deliver multi-languages, not only English, but also other major and minor local languages. Therefore, the use case of the AI application will be wide and is expected to collect attention from all over the globe.

With the backing of the partnership, Baricata will be supported through media campaigns, the AI casino dealer will act as an ambassador of the partner’s products. This relation is expected to benefit both companies mutually and is planned to be a long-term strategy for improving their presence in the market.

Baricata’s CEO, Kensei Shiraishi, mentions: “The strategic partnership with Raketech, which is a listed company in the Nordic region, is welcome news for us at Baricata. We believe that this project will be a great success as we will be able to provide our AI casino dealer with their iGaming know-how. We also hope that Raketech’s credible media power will make more stakeholders aware of the project and that we can form a partnership with them.”

It is genuinely interesting to see new attempts in the industry, yet for the last few years we have rarely seen many brand-new products as Baricata’s ones. The AI introduction for gaming might enhance the cost reduction of the operation, as major manufactures have been doing. It can be seen that we are about to see some shift with the advanced application of technologies in the near future.

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